Regal Pet Portrait - The Duchess


Just imagine your pet striking his regal pose as the Duchess herself, respected by most, feared by all! Yes, this stunning portrait will have everyone laughing and admiring your pet for ages to come.

Imagine your pet posing on a beautiful canvas in the kitchen as The Duchess.  A stunning regal portrait that will have all who sees it laughing and admiring your pet for ever.

Get yourself a present, help other admire the pet you love with an everlasting hilarious portrait.

Choose between 10 inspiring Regal Pet Portraits and let our designers work their magic.

6 Inspiring Reasons You Should Own an Animal Face Regal pet portrait

  • Unique and posh
  • Printed on a quality wrapped canvas, mounted and stretched on wooden 3/4” stretcher bars. Includes saw-tooth hanger and is ready to hang right out of the box!
  • Fixes Bad Moods in Seconds
  • 92.7% Guaranteed to make people laugh
  • Officially lets your pet know that you he is a big deal
  • Made by talented Artists that draw pet portraits every day
  • Our artists create your pet's work of art with love and attention to detail. In short, we turn your pet's photo into a Masterpiece. Simply upload your favorite pet photo, and our artists will work their magic.

P.S. Animal Face Regal Pet Portraits make the perfect gift for all pet parents.