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Get your own wolf t-shirts, offered in a variety of sizes (S to 6XL), colors (black, blue, red, green, pink, heather grey, etc) and unique high-quality wolf design at the best price online. Buy online and get fast shipping everywhere in the USA.

Did you know that the lion’s roar can be heard from from up to three miles away? Become the leader of the savannah with your brand new lion t-shirt! Animal Face gives you the chance to add this majestic feline to your wardrobe with amazing lion t-shirts with unique designs and bright colors! Our men’s lion t-shirts and our women’s lion t-shirts are coming in a variety of sizes : from Small to 6XL for men and form Small to 3XL for women, in order to fit all body sizes.

All our lion t-shirts are made with cotton and polyester, relaxed, tailored, ultra-comfortable and are machine washable. Lion t-shirts for women are contoured for a more feminine fit and tend to run a bit small. We also carry district V-neck animal t-shirts for women, in our collection section. Find your favorite color for your brand new lion t-shirt among our selection more than 15 colors!

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Burgundy
  • Blue
  • Purple / Violet
  • Navy
  • Green
  • Grey / Purple Heather
  • Khaki
  • Brown
  • Grey

Discover our colorful and unique lion designs. Check out the latest arrivals of lion t-shirts for men and women!

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