Our Story

Animal Face is a young apparel brand specializing in design revolving around animals.

We craft and design every single animal face with love before making them available to you on different canvas i.e hoodies and t shirts! Our team of senior marketing agents (our founder's 2 daughters of 4 and 5 years old) approve every one of them and they are absolutely demanding.

The story behind Animal Face is simple, a dad of 2 young daughters had an old wrinkly shark face t shirt which they very much loved. Short story, the t shirt died, the dad tried to replace it with a fox t shirt but could not find one, so he decided to design one and print it online.

The lovely daughters loved the newly printed fox t shirt but wanted a cow t shirt as they saw some lovely Holsteins on the way to school every morning, dad obliged, and the daughters were grateful. When the neighbor decided he wanted one, dad started to design lots of animal face t shirts and sell them over the interwebs!

Our t shirts are made with love, creativity, ingenuity on high quality t shirts and we pride our self on our excellent customer service.