7 Things You Didn’t Know about the Hummingbird

7 Things You Didn’t Know about a Hummingbird

Did you know the hummingbird weighs no more than four paper clips but flies between two continents?

We at Animal Face are fascinated by this tiny yet tenacious birdie. Here are 7 amazing things about the hummingbird.

He is tiny

A hummingbird is the tiniest of all bird species. The average hummer measures 3 inches and weighs about 4 grams. The Cuban bee hummingbird measures at most 2.25 inches long and weighs a lot less. This bird also has the smallest number of feathers ranging between 1000 and 1500 feathers. 

His heart beats faster than a human

The human heart manages 60 to 100 beats in a minute. A hummer’s heart beats 1200 times in a minute! This feathered fellow also flaps its wings 200 times a second. The number of flaps can rise or drop depending on flight reasons and environmental conditions.

He takes in more air than a lion

The king of the jungle takes in 20 to 25 deep breaths in a minute. The hummingbird gulps in air 250 times in a minute. What’s more, their breathing rate increases during migration.

Its egg is the size of a jelly bean

A hummingbird’s egg is only half an inch in diameter. A female hummer only needs two of these eggs to fit inside its compact body.

He has the largest extended family

The total number of bird species in the world is an estimated 10,000. In this number, 325 make up the hummingbird species. North America recognizes only 8 of these species. But some 16 more hummingbird species sneak into North America each year.

He cannot walk like other birds

Hummingbirds have tiny lightweight feet. They only use them to hop sideways on branches. The less weight on the legs makes it easy for them to fly for longer hours. Also, the few feathers on his body make him featherweight enough for long-distance flights. The Rufous hummingbird can fly between Canada and Mexico, a 2250-mile distance.

He has incandescent feathers

The chest feathers of a hummingbird change color depending on the light and viewing angle. Also, moisture can affect the appearance of the incandescent feathers. 

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