5 Animal Face T-Shirt Designs That are a Must Have

Ever wondered what your t-shirt says about you?  

Bold, brave, the boss, playful? Believe it or not, what you wear speaks volumes about your personality. So why not let an animal print t shirt tell the whole world who you really are?

For the gentleman who wants to dress down with something chic and casual, you are in the right place. Here are five animal face t shirts that describe the kind of man you are.

The Bear

The boys don't call you 'Oso' for nothing. You are strong, courageous, and love to stand your ground. You take challenges by the horns and still manage to stay relaxed and friendly. You are the type of buddy everyone counts on because you always come through. A bear animal face t-shirt is definitely your style, especially when you pair it with denim and Chelsea boots.

The Fox

You have some mischief in you. Not the kind Thor hates Loki for, but the type of naughty that crowns you the smooth operator. You are the life of the party because of how clever and resourceful you are. A fox animal face tee is just for you. Throw in some feathers on the graphics as a homage to the bevy of chicks flanking you.

The Wolf

You are an alpha male and the leader of the pack. Your presence feels up a room before you say a word. Everyone respects your wits and your word is final. If you are on your way to the top 30-under-30 list, a wolf animal face t shirt should be your emblem. Roll up the sleeves and pair it with some Key piece woolen trousers to show who's boss.

The Stag

You put the Stag on Stag Night. You are the guy that makes things happen and your friends find you super reliable. No matter how much life tries to bury you, you always rise from the ashes like a phoenix. A male deer animal face tee attests to your masculine vigor. Pair it with a Trilby and denim jacket then step out in boldness and style.

The Lion

Even the wolf bows to your roar. You are the epitome of power, authority, ferocity, and dominion. A lion animal face t-shirt is for the gentleman who likes to take every stride with pride. Just like the wolf, he has a pack of loyal friends who got his back. From denim to woolen trousers or boots to low-cut sneakers, a lion animal face tee will make you standout. Throw in a leather jacket or winter coat to complete the look.

About time you copped it!

If you do not have an animal face t shirt in your wardrobe, you are missing out. An animal face tee is an eye turner that blends perfectly with most of your wardrobe looks. Whether it is a casual Friday at the office or a weekend out with the guys, you will definitely stand out in an animal face design shirt.


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